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Justin Couch

Justin Couch


Justin is the Senior Creative Technologist at Continuum, one of the premiere design agencies in the country, located in Boston, MA. Continuum’s tag line is “The future. Made real.” Justin is part of the Made Real Lab, bridging the gap between design and implementation. He is involved in creating digital prototypes of all fidelities, from smart phone apps to mock-ups of surgical theaters. He is using, web technologies, microcontrollers, LEDs, custom servers, screens of all shapes and sizes, sensors, cameras, and many many more to bring these ideas to life. Continuum is based on innovation coming from deep research and user interaction. Justin is helping bring those same principles into the digital age by providing new forms of stimulus and user feedback.

Justin was previously a Senior Technologist at Tellart. In that role, Justin worked with small, agile project teams to design and implement hardware and software solutions for products and innovative experiences. His ability to rapidly iterate software and hardware prototype solutions enabled quick decision making and feedback between Tellart and clients. Justin worked with team members and clients to plan, estimate, execute, test, update and maintain project software and hardware. His close attention to detail helped to ensure all work leaving the studio was of utmost quality and in compliance with rigorous quality assurance processes.

Justin received a Masters Degree in Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2013. While at RISD, Justin focused his studies on computational design–using coding as a tool to facilitate physical object creation, and empowering people to create their own products. Prior to his time at RISD, Justin worked as the Program Manager at the Artisans Program of Covenant House Washington, a non-profit job training organization that taught woodworking and shop skills to at-risk youth in Washington, D.C. Justin also designs and fabricates his own line of custom furniture, which introduced him to using code as a means of problem solving. In addition to its exhibition in many solo and group gallery shows, Justin’s furniture has been featured in a wide range of print and online publications including the renowned Italian design magazine Casa D.

Justin recently taught courses at RISD in Creative Coding, introducing Industrial Design students to the advantages of being able to sketch and think with code.

You can check out his resume here.

You can contact him at justincouchdesign [at] gmail [dot] com.