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Coffee Connector

Connecting People over Coffee

The Coffee Connector is an eye-catcher and a conversation starter. It was commissioned by the Economic Development Board of Singapore, through The Secret Little Agency, a Singapore ad agency. The goal was to deploy a spectacular experience to C-Suite level business conferences to promote Singapore as an innovation leader. The Coffee Connector connects 2 people over a cup of coffee just as the EDB connects businesses with success in the Asian market.

The Coffee Connector must be activated by 2 people in order to be used, thus creating a connection between 2 conference goers. Users input their names in the front touch screen and activate a series of animations through the machine. Water bubbles, beans go flying through the bean tower down into the visceral bean grinder and finally to the dispensing station. Cups are detected through sensors and the coffee is dispensed after a digital coffee animation. Users can then step over and have their names printed on custom cup sleeves to cement their connection.


Role: Designer and Software Developer

Created all software for the project from the node server that handled all of the interaction logic to the browser content that handled all of the animations and touch screen interaction to the LED code that lights up the table. Integral part of design team from original concept development through working with design engineers and manufacturers to final execution and deployment.