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CAS Color Visualizer

Delightful physical/digital interaction.

The Color Visualizer is the centerpiece of the California Academy of Sciences’ Color of Life exhibit. The exhibit and the centerpiece were a culmination of a 2 year collaboration between CAS and Tellart to create a truly interactive and engaging exhibition.

The Color Visualizer is an entry point into the Academy’s deep foundational knowledge in how color is used and interpreted in nature. Users pluck colored strings to access these color stories. Plucking the strings creates a pleasing audio tone and a puff of colored dust on the screen as well as a light in the sculpture above. The dust then coalesces into a color story corresponding to the plucked color. When multiple strings are plucked, their colors swirl and combine to create new and unexpected color stories. The physical, visual, and auditory experience is truly immersive and mesmerizing for visitors of all ages.

2016 IXDA Awards Finalist (Engaging) –

Role: Sole Developer for the on-screen experience and overhead lighting.

The Color Visualizer uses a custom WebGL particle system to animate and color mix the simulated dust created by user plucks. The overhead sculptural lighting uses custom live DMX control over a centralized server.