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Museum of the Future 2016

Managing Technologies for Futuristic Exhibition.

Every year the government of Dubai puts on the World Government Summit and since 2014 Tellart has been partnering with the Prime Minister’s Office of Dubai to create the Museum of the Future, a large scale installation to engage the leaders of today with the problems and possibilities of tomorrow. For GS16, Justin was the Technical Manager of the entire exhibition, coordinating with the construction contractors, IT professionals, AV companies, event staff and myriad other parties and stakeholders to bring together a stunning multisensory experience from the future.

The exhibit features 4 completely unique experiences under 1 roof using 20 projectors, over a dozen computers, people counters, a robotic cradle, 3 Oculus Rifts, very ugly and very loud air conditioner units, numerous sensors, 6 iPads, dozens of stage lights, dozens of speakers, a 10 foot tall, 6 foot diameter LED column, a robotic cat, and too many other things to remember.

The Future Foyer introduced visitors to current technologies that would pave the way to the future scenarios that were presented in the main exhibit. From high frequency algorithmic trading to smart prosthetics to robotic cats, everything was from the current market, but pushing the boundaries of the possible. The¬†Augmentation Spa was a shopping experience for those looking to improve on their natural bodies with the latest scientific advancements from a chip embedded in your ear for instant translation to New Knees which would allow for leaping tall buildings with a single bound to Mood View, an eye implant which would analyze people’s micro-expressions and coach you on how to best handle social situations. The Companion Zone introduced visitors to the in-home AI who would play games with you when you got home, understand your mood and relax you when you were stressed, and nurture and care for your child all with minimal input. The UAE Hive Mind was a benevolent government administration vehicle using human feedback to allow it to guide the decisions of the government to maximize everyone’s happiness.



Role: Technical Manager

The job of understanding the technologies enough to ensure that all specs were met, understanding the design enough to know when to cut corners and when to sweat the millimeters, and understanding people enough to keep everyone happy and on track was something that very few people could do smoothly and professionally.